Three years of EverymanHYBRID - UPDATE

It’s been three years since we uploaded the first EverymanHYBRID video entry.

Since then, we have expanded through multiple mediums, a handful of channels, and a few central protagonists to convey our story. As of now, most of the world of EMH has been centralized around the main YouTube channel. Different viewers have varying opinions and thoughts on the variety of deliveries present. Some loved the player-interaction aspects; others hated it. Some enjoyed so-and-so portion of the story; others believed it was the most mind-numbing fiction on the Internet. You cannot gauge how others will react to your work and our entire project has been (first and foremost whether we liked it or not) a learning experience.

A few months ago, we reached the landmark of 30,000 subscribers on YouTube. For most mainstream personalities on the video sharing site, this is no big deal. For the likes of Shane Dawson and other pop-culture commentators, these were low-key numbers. But for us, three college freshmen looking to create a variation on a theme regarding a particular “creepypasta” / video series (MH) antagonist known as “Slenderman” – well… we could have never have guessed where we would have ended up.

We have met countless wonderful people. I have became friends with people all over the globe, all who have would have remained strangers without this project. Vinny, Evan, and I have even moved in with our good friends, Austin and Dylan, of a similar series (MLAndersen) in a house in North Jersey. We started with a video series and are currently holding a life-altering project in our hands. We do not anticipate EMH being our premiere work. This is just the beginning… but, oh, what a start it has been.

Viewers speculate that our project is coming to an end. I would, as a creator, tease that – “you will know when it is over” – and you will not be left with a cliffhanger. We have plenty of post-game content planned and will gladly confirm when we have finished our first, focused collaborative project. That time has not yet arrived.

Whether you consider yourself a fan, a casual viewer, a critic, a friend, a loved one, a fellow creator of a similar project, (or even if you “hate” me, which some people would somehow promise), then I thank you for sharing this moment with me. I thank you for having had previously followed us and viewed our work, praising or critically, and took the time to read this message. Whether or not you enjoy our work, you have taken the time to view it. Whether or not you like what we do, we have shared this moment, and I thank you for that.

This world is, as of yet, our only chance at life. I thank you for sharing in this special, ultra-modern connection and bond that is only possible through our current technologies. Here’s to the final stretch of EverymanHYBRID and thanks for joining us for the ride.  

EDIT: I want, again, to thank Evan and Vinny, and anyone else who has helped us, large and small. I love you, brothers.

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