One day, whilst hosting a few friends from out of town, the gang walked past a paint store - “Morris Maple & Son” - in the streets of Princeton, NJ. What came forth from the discussion was a character, the best businessman the world, no, the universe, has ever seen. 

This is a raw, unedited conversation of the think-tank that resulted from the ad-libbing, and produced a horrifyingly endearing character: Maple Morris, originally written for use in the ill-fated #shamlife series.

Dodging Cropsey at the New York Farm Colony

Over the years, you become an accidental conglomeration composed of every personal interaction, every story you’ve told and have been told, and give some tangible connection to the infinite loose threads that every soul, every place, and every idea holds. You take these experiences and keep them, like little gifts, little secrets, that can surprise and resurface years later. This occurrence has not been a stranger in my personal life, with many stories, films, and off-hand conversations suddenly finding themselves boldly relevant in the contemporary.
One of the most recent iterations of this involves a piece of local lore, a portion of land in New York, and a documentary bearing an ending that inspired a sense of awe, curiosity, and existential discomfort, even long after the credits rolled. This film is Cropsey, and we found the since maintained, decaying grounds and hospital buildings in which the namesake of the documentary was said to (and perhaps, did) stalk, dwell, and hide his victims.

one-million-pieces-gone asked:

EMH has to easily be one of the best series i have ever watched. It was really addicting, you never want to look away, or stop. Even in the many re watches i have done over time. So so good. Massive hats off to all those involved. One day im going to travel to america (im Aussie) and tour some places that have been used as locations in the series, and if possible would love me meet you all!! Keep up the amazing amazing work

carnahan answered:

Always nice to hear well wishing. I’m sure the guys appreciate it, too, whenever they’ll see this. Hey, from Australia to the East Coast is quite a ways, but I’d always recommend some of the beautiful locations we’ve used. If you manage to get out this far and not see Baldpate, you’re missing out! Thank you. :)


clyde-fletcher-tesla asked:

Aside from your new novel, which I need to get around to reading, Ive noticed that "Sara" is a recurring name. Was she an important chapter in your life? Or do you just like the name? Either way, amazing works! Especially "In the house of Fletcher".

carnahan answered:

That’s actually a really great observation and one that I’ve never really dwelt on… mostly, I just like the name. I like (for feminine names) Kyrie, but feel it is out of place and “unrealistic” for most purposes, so Sara is the most “normal” name I routinely use. A habit I need to watch out for, I suppose… But now that you mention it, while the people themselves were never major players in my life, there was always (mostly positive!) a Sara on the periphery of my friend groups, going back to elementary school.