whatsworryingwillow asked:

Dude, I really appreciate all of the work you and your friends have put into EMH. I honestly have never itched so hard to understand a piece of fiction like I want to understand EMH. I appreciate your attitude towards people who hate on the stuff you work on. Sorry that this was just a stupid "you're awesome" ask but yeah I just want you to know how much I appreciate the work you put in because the results are amazing every time and I've NEVER been disappointed in a single EMH video ever.

carnahan answered:

I really appreciate that and I’m sure the guys do, too. In regards to my attitude to critics… you have a few options when you dislike something. You can criticize it objectively and with tact, you can whine about it and soil your argument even to people who would agree with you, or you can ignore it. I, for one, would choose the first or the last, as there is enough negativity in this world and I believe you can either be helpful and insightful or remove yourself from the conversation. Too many people talking without anything to say. But hey, if someone took the time to watch or read something I / we have worked on, that’s all I can ask for. Their reaction is up to them, and their time was appreciated. I just do not see the net benefit to an individual to consistently submit themselves to something they claim to hate. For them to dwell wastes both their time and everyone within earshot (especially those within earshot…).

Messages like yours never warrant an apology and it was very kind of you to reach out! I am glad our project drew so much intrigue and promise you all the answers will be there, soon enough. 

"Four more years"

Although the actual “anniversary” of the first upload was on the twenty-first, I am now taking a bit of time to commemorate the date. Our project (and as of yet, most prominent piece of digital media which is live) EverymanHYBRID is four years old.

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I quietly celebrate the four year anniversary of the first upload of the Monolith and also share some pictures of present-day Baldpate.


Anonymous asked:

Just curious but is Reliable set in the EMH universe? The creature (in addition to being in my nightmares for the next three months ffff) reminded me of the rake, and the place Matt and Sara ended up with reminded me of "the sanctuary" when you first started describing it.

carnahan answered:

For those curious…

Great observation! While they are very, very similar concepts (both the place and the creature) I can only call it, at best, a standalone rendition of the theme. They are not canon to EMH at all (as there are implications involved in Matt and Sara’s story that do not fit in our universe) but we were working on the project when the dream that inspired Reliable was had, thus the similarities. 

Short number twenty one (12.30.2013)

I kissed her eight times the last time I saw her.

Perhaps it is far too arbitrary,

“How many times,” it occurred.

But I know it as fact.

The simple exchange, known to all,

It transgressed eight times.

One for me, one for her, ad nauseam,

Idly counting in the back of my mind.

Perhaps it is the universe’s sublime and damning nature,

Ever pursuing such an elegant means of destruction.

Poetic justice: eight times for us,

And eight times that I have bastardized all which we stood for.

I couldn’t tell you how much time actually passed,

Nor would I wish to quantify it.

But I know, as those many times in bed on a Sunday morning,

Or those moments spent smiling at one another from across a table,

That I did not wish it to ever end.

But the moment you chain a value to a length of time,

And the moment you give it a finite amount of breath,

You know it will eventually,


Cease to exist.