The Post-Sham Shamhouse Plays! Journey to the End of Minecraft - Teaser

So, Evan, Alex, and myself have started a locally run server with the sole intention of playing through to the end game with just our skills and wit. Night one was a success and it should yield a full (or, if we are lucky a handful of) video(s).

Note: we had originally expected to have all three of us simultaneously recording both audio, video, and the game screen, and making massive episodes, but quickly learned (after troubleshooting enough problems software and server-side) that we did not have the hardware strong enough to, thus will have to do live voice-over and game audio only. 

We are coming for you, The End. Expect us. 

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The highest levels of accreditation and academic achievement carry little comfort to their keepers when senses deny them their tried and true logic. Seeking assistance in such endeavors would prove to only humor your audience. Consider such an absurd request from a “respected” figure and any bit of nonsense or conflict in reason would be received merely as comedic genius, complementing an impressive and otherwise stoic career. Simply an excursion into a foreign field, in this case, a dip into literary comedy, a stark contrast to your infallible objectivity and nothing more. Were it so easy. 

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